WinNow Just Entered the Meta World

World's first token building a real life dynamics utopic metaverse with 4% reflections for holders, 50% initial burning, fair launch and locked liquidity for 99 years.

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Designedto build a metaverse with real-world dynamics

WinNow is a community DAO token designed to build Wonniw, a metaverse with real-world dynamics. Its fair launch, which took place in Nov 2021, was carried out completely on the market and after its genesis, 50% of the available tokens were immediately burned and all LP tokens locked for 99 years.

In the coming months after the creation of a community populated enough to stand on its own, WinNow will be transformed into a token governed by the DAO and will become the governing token of the Wonniw metaverse .

Following establishment of the DAO and the renunciation of team ownership, community will be fully responsible for the future development of Wonniw.

decentralized metaverse

A metaverse platform that has real world dynamics

Imagine a truly revolutionary concept of metaverse, a virtual world that traces real dynamics. Wonniw, through the WinNow token, wants to create a world where you can truly become the mayor of a city, or the governor of an entire state. The WinNow token, through its DAO, will be able to vote on the most varied aspects in the game, such as:

  • Build a new power plant
  • Grant grants to the most needy
  • Finance the police
  • Elect a new city mayor or map governors
  • Many other opportunities that will develop during the game

Initial game modes will be two: one local, with aspects of city micro-strategy, and a regional one, with more macro types of game and decisions and which concern aspects of collaboration between the various cities and the achievement of a common purpose through collaboration of mayors and individual inhabitants.

With the subsequent development steps it will be possible to insert new dynamics concerning the elections of a president, who will have the responsibility of coordinating more governors and the introduction of nations that will be able to forge alliances (or wage war) against other nations and presidents.

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Phase 1

✅ - Website Launch
✅ - Social Media Launch
✅ - Smart Contract Deployment
✅ - Burn 50% of total supply
✅ - 100% LP Tokens locked by Unicrypt

Phase 2

✅ - Whitepaper Release
✅ - Start development of Wonniw, a P2E metaverse game with real world dynamics. Funds for the project come from marketing wallet.
✅ - WinNowSwap® deploy
✅ - Official audit
✅ - Coinmarketcap listing
✅ - Coingecko Listing
✅ - Focus on community growth and awareness
✅ - Influencer marketing
- Completion of Game Document Design
- Updated roadmap for the Wonniw metaverse
- TrustWallet listing
- 25.000 holders

Phase 3

- Aggressive multi-media marketing plan: sports partnerships, TV commercials, online/offline press
- Launch of WinNow NFT Marketplace for land and buildings
- CEX listings
- 1000 WonNFTs minted: 100 for top 100 holders, 900 randomly distributed among the holders

Phase 4

- Decentralized DAO voting system
- Renunciation of team ownership in favor of DAO
- Release of first alpha version of Wonniw metaverse
- Worldwide partnerships
- Partnership with the most used blockchain bridges to make WinNow multichain (Ethereum, Fantom, Solana)
- Top 500 crypto by Marketcap

Our tokenomics

Initial allocation

Token Distribution
Initial allocation

Total token supply - 1,000,000,000,000,000


Transaction fees

Fees Distribution
  • 5% - Liquidity Pool (until DAO is not in place)
  • 4% - Holders reward
  • 3% - Marketing Wallet


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is WinNow different than other cryptos?

    WinNow ($WNNW) is the governing token of the Wonniw metaverse. You will need $WNNW to be part of metaverse. WinNow has a fully distributed decentralized supply, 50% of tokens were burnt and LP tokens were locked until 2120. This means no one controls the price of $WNNW besides market and the community. No one can rug pull WinNow since the liquidity is locked. WinNow is the world's first token with all these features designed to reward holders while building a metaverse with real world dynamics and will be the DAO token of Wonniw metaverse.

  • What is Wonniw?

    Wonniw will be a P2E game that will include a metaverse with real-world dynamics in which there will be many cities and regions, each of them will have inhabitants who will live there and will contribute to the decisions based on the votes of the DAO, guaranteed by the WinNow token. For more information check our Medium or

  • How can I buy WinNow token?

    You can currently buy WinNow token on Pancakeswap and WinNowSwap. Although our goal is to give priority to our decentralized configuration as much as possible, in the near future it will also be made available on several centralized exchanges.